Tips for Parents

10 Prevention Tips for Parents

10 Prevention Tips for Parents

Parents are the number 1 influence on their child’s decision to use alcohol and other drugs. Learn how to keep your kids safe from the harms of alcohol and support them in making healthy decisions.

  1. Talk to your child, early and often.

The sooner you talk to your children about alcohol and other drugs, the greater chance you have of influencing their decisions.

  1. Know the Facts.

Be a source of credible information and advice for your kids by knowing the facts about alcohol and other drugs.

  1. Listen, avoid criticism, and encourage an open dialogue.

Remember that your goal is to have a conversation, not deliver a lecture.

  1. Set clear expectations and consequences about alcohol and drug use.

Don’t forget to reward good decisions.

  1. Talk with your child in advance about situations that may arise around alcohol.

Discuss together ways to avoid uncomfortable situations.

  1. Offer your child a safe ride home if they call.

Be sure your child knows that they can contact you, regardless of the situation they find themselves in.

  1. Be a positive role model.

Do not normalize or glamorize alcohol or other drug use.

  1. Secure it and lock it away.

Be sure to keep any alcohol, prescriptions, tobacco products, and marijuana locked away.

  1. Get to know your child’s friends and their parents.

Share with them your rules about not allowing alcohol and other drugs.

  1. Help your children find ways to have fun without alcohol.

Plan activities as a family or encourage your child to get involved in after-school activities, sports, clubs, or community service.

Find out how to talk to your child about alcohol HERE.

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