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Myths - Teens and Alcohol


Myth-Busters: Teens and Alcohol

Myth: Alcohol isn’t as bad as other drugs

Fact: Alcohol is just as dangerous as other drugs. Alcohol increases your risk of certain diseases, including cancer. Too much alcohol can also lead to alcohol poisoning, which can be fatal.

Myth: By letting my teen and their friends drink at home, I’m keeping them safe!

Fact: Not only is allowing minors to drink in your home illegal, alcohol impacts adolescent brain development and puts them at risk for other negative consequences.

Myth: Drinking alcohol as a minor is a harmless rite of passage, I did it, and I’m fine

Fact: Plain and simple, alcohol isn’t for kids. It has the potential to lead to risky behavior–like drinking and driving, violence, sexual assault–and puts youth at greater risk for developing addiction later in life.

Myth: It’s okay if I host a party for my teen and their friends if I just offer beer, because it’s safer than hard liquor.

Fact: Alcohol is alcohol, no matter what form, and can cause problems regardless of how it’s consumed.


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