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The Parent Pledge (SAPC)


Take the Parent Pledge to Rethink the Drinks

Become part of a large community of  parents who want a safe, alcohol-free environment for their children.

I pledge, to the best of my ability, to:


  • Provide a safe, alcohol and other substance free environment for my child and my child’s friends.
  • Provide adult supervision to children visiting my home.
  • Prevent parties at my home when I am not present.
  • Monitor or secure alcohol in my home.
  • Encourage other parents to call me before their children come to my home.
  • Have conversations with my children about my expectations that they not use alcohol.
  • To speak with my older children about the legal and health consequences of supplying alcohol to younger siblings.

Parent Pledge Form

Sign the Parent Pledge by simply filling out the form below.  Thank you!

Parent Pledge
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