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Teens & Alcohol

The Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative (SAPC) is a grant program that works to prevent underage drinking and other drug use across Massachusetts.


SAPC provides resources for parents and other adults to help them make informed decisions when it comes to alcohol and teenagers in their lives


Talking with your teen about the risks and consequences of alcohol use is essential to their well being

Under the Right Influence

It’s prom and graduation season! Find out how to keep your kids safe this season. 

What is Rethink the Drinks?

A campaign developed by the Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative – a group of local communities, Braintree, Milton, Quincy and Weymouth—that aims to educate our communities about the legal and health risks of underage drinking.

How can we prevent teens from using alcohol?

Understand the Laws

Learn about the Social Host Law and the legal consequences of “furnishing alcohol” to minors

Know the Risks

For teens, alcohol can have may harmful health consequences, short-term and long-term

Talk to Your Teen

Opening the dialog is the first step to talking with and educating your teen about the risks of alcohol use

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