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FAQs - Teens and Alcohol


FAQs: Teens and Alcohol

Do most teens in Massachusetts drink alcohol?
No, most teens to not use alcohol or other drugs. In 2017, in Massachusetts, only 31% of high school students reported that they had consumed alcohol in the past 30 days. Find more data on youth substance use rates in Massachusetts
Is alcohol less harmful then other drugs?
No. Alcohol is just as dangerous as other drugs. Alcohol increases one’s risk of certain diseases, including cancer. Too much alcohol can also lead to alcohol poisoning, which can be fatal. In addition, drinking alcohol at a young age can harm the developing brain and increase one’s risk of developing addiction later in life. Read more about alcohol & the teen brain. 
Is it safe to let my teens and their friends drink at home if they are under my supervision and don't drive & drive?
Unfortunately, no. Plain and simple, alcohol isn’t for teens.  Not only is allowing minors to drink in your home illegal, but alcohol impacts adolescent brain development and puts them at risk for other negative consequences.  It has the potential to lead to other risky behavior–like violence and sexual assault–and puts youth at greater risk for developing addiction later in life.  Read more about the negative consequences of underage drinking.
My teen wants to attend a party. I'm worried that there will be alcohol there. What should I do?
Before your teen attends a party, discuss the details of the party with them and set clear rules and expectations for their behavior. Talk with them about how to handle situations that may arise with alcohol and other drugs. Don’t be afraid to contact the host of the party and let them know your teens is not allowed to drink. Learn more about how to deal with your teen and parties.
Are beer and wine safer than hard liquor?
No. Alcohol is alcohol, no matter what form, and can cause problems regardless of how it’s consumed. Read more about the health risks of underage drinking. 
My teenager is about to go to college. How can I best prepare her?

Be sure to talk to your teenager about underage drinking & other drug use on campus and how to deal with difficult situations that might arise. Help prepare her for the stresses of college life. Even though your teenager is going off to college, it is still important to keep an open line of communication with her and let her know that that you are still there to support her. Learn what to say to your young adult. 

For more information about underage drinking on campus, watch this video 

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