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Talking to Your Teen About Alcohol


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents/guardians start to talk to their kids about alcohol around the age of 9. You may not think they hear you, but children whose parents set clear expectations and talk to them about the risks of drugs and alcohol are less likely to use them.


Starting the Conversation

Talk. They Hear You.   Resources from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration to help parents start conversations about alcohol with their teen.

Ideas for Starting conversation.  Ideas and tips for how to start a conversation with your child about drugs and alcohol. Keep Connected offers resources on how to tap into your family’s strengths in order to prevent substance use.

11 Ways To Get Your Teen Talking.  Tips from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to open up lines of communication with your teen.

Having the Conversation

How to be a Good Listener to your Kids.  Sometimes it can be hard to listen to the tough stuff–like alcohol, drugs, and sex.  Partnership for Drug Free Kids provides nine tips on how to be a good listener to your teen.

Your Child Lied.  Now What?  Finding out people have lied can be hurtful.  Partnership for Drug-Free Kids addresses how to handle this if you find out your teen has lied to you, emphasizing it’s important to find out why they lied.

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