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Teens & Alcohol


Teens & Alcohol

For teenagers, alcohol use can have many harmful impacts on their health and well-being. Children whose parents talk to them about the risks of drugs and alcohol are less likely to use them.

Read below to learn the facts and find out how to keep your kids safe from the harms of alcohol.  

Alcohol and the Teen Brain

Our brains aren’t fully developed until our mid-20s, and in the teen years a lot is “cooking”. Our brains and bodies change, we make decisions about our futures, and we learn about who we are. During this time, adding substances like alcohol into the mix isn’t a good idea. In fact, the teen brain is more susceptible to negative effects of alcohol. Drinking alcohol and other drugs at a young age can damage the part of the brain responsible for decision-making, self-control, memory and learning.  Learn more about alcohol and the teen brain

Consequences of Underage Drinking

Alcohol is a drug and can be just as harmful as other drugs. Alcohol use clouds judgement, which can lead to dangerous decisions like becoming violent and driving while drunk. It can also lead to alcohol poisoning.  Learn more about the negative effects of alcohol on teens. 

Early Alcohol Use and Addiction

Early use of alcohol can have negative long-term consequences. Research demonstrates that alcohol use before the brain is fully developed increases one’s risk of developing addiction later in life. In fact, research shows that kids who begin drinking before age 15 have a 40% chance of developing alcohol dependence, while those who waits until age 21 to begin drinking have only a 7% chance of becoming alcohol dependent.  Learn more about the consequences of early alcohol use.

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