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Teens and Parties - Strategies for Parents


Strategies for Parents

For teens, being social is a way of life. Learn how to keep them safe when certain social situations arise.

My teen wants to attend a party

Before your teen attends a party, discuss the details of the party with them. Set clear rules and expectations for their behavior and talk with them about how to handle situations that may arise with alcohol and other drugs. Be sure they know what to do in case of an emergency. Contact the host of the party and let them know your teens is not allowed to drink. Learn more about teens and parties.

My teen wants to host a party

If your teen wants to host a party, plan in advanced and know who will be in attendance. Agree to the rules ahead of time, including no alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Welcome calls from other parents to discuss the party arrangements. Know your responsibilities– the Social Host Law makes it illegal to allow anyone under 21 years of age to drink alcohol in your home. Learn more about teens and hosting parties.

My teen will be home alone

Let your teen know that they are not allowed to have friends over when you are not home. Discuss their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions. Have a responsible adult stay at your home with your child while you are away and be sure to lock away any alcohol or drugs.  Learn more.

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